The story of CultNerds dates to the time before it earned its name. Not centuries, but several years after all the tech-savvy misfits were brought under one roof, calling it a tribe of creative individuals envisioning a bright future.

In an aggressively growing technology space, one must focus on the vision of the clients, which is what CultNerds believe. We strive for excellence and a bit more than being the best. Our testimonials stand as towering examples of our ethics and hard work.

CultNerds Tribe:

Cult Nerds is a dearly built tech castle of hustlers, dreamers, coders, designers, analysts and content creators.

We are a cult of forty-plus nerds with average age of 27 years trying to provide seamless services on all grounds at any given time. Our team is fully capable of coming up with tailor-made solutions that are understandable, feasible, and result in conversions. We strive for excellence, a bit more than being good fighting mediocrity. 

We’re in pursuit of the top 0.1% individuals! Want be be a part of the Cult? Join us here

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Brains Behind The Cult Army

Rishi Bharadwaj

CEO & Co-Founder

Krishna Pradyumna

CTO & Co-Founder